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It's been established for decades here in the US that books, periodicals and other works published BEFORE 1923 are in the Public Domain. It's the books published between the years of 1924 and 1964 that have been the challenge! During that 40-year period of time, the author had to renew the copyright 28 years after first publication to retain copyright protection. Many never took that step resulting in a lapse of their copyright protection. The challenge has been, however, the best way to determine WHICH book copyrights expired and which ones did not. In other word, which books from that 40-year period of time are actually IN the Public Domain?
How We Answer That Question Just Changed
Dramatically Just a Few Short Weeks Ago!
Imagine how much easier it would be to find great Public Domain content if you knew EXACTLY which books between the years of 1924 and 1964 renewed their copyrights...AND, if you ALSO knew the names of the books that were NOT renewed?

Listen...I've been searching for, using and researching Public Domain content for over 13 years! During that time I've tried every form of research imaginable and have found a LOT of great content. But in the back of my mind, I secretly longed for a searchable database that would tell me, very quickly, which books were or were not in the Public Domain. Unfortunately, that database just didn't exist and seemed impossible to create without putting in 1,000's of hours!
You Can’t Find What You Don’t Know to Look For!
The reason why I thought a database like I envisioned would be so important is because you can't find what you don't know to look for! How on earth can you find a book if you don't know it even exists...right?

A few weeks ago I was doing some of my normal research related to Public Domain content and stumbled upon some information that immediately caused my pulse to quicken...and I started to really dig into a research path that I HOPED would lead me in the direction of the DID!

I FINALLY discovered the data I was searching for...someone had figured out a way to wrangle the data using special resources and a custom programing script. I later found out that some of the big boys, like Google, had already been using this data for a while but kept it in a form that no one could make sense of unless you were a programmer!
The Public Domain Data Was Finally at My Fingertips!
After nearly 14 years of research, the impossible was finally becoming possible for the first time ever! As quickly as I could, I began to process the databases to turn them into a form that ANYONE could easily use. The statistics were mind-blowing!

    • 521,501 Books from 1924 – 1964 that did NOT renew copyright (and that's NOT the full number yet).
    • 246,449 Books from 1924 – 1964 that DID renew copyright.

Just out of curiosity, I did a quick search for one of my favorite authors and quickly discovered TWO books of his I didn't even know existed, much less that they were even in the Public Domain!
Turning “Knowing” Into “Finding”
It's one thing to know that a book exists and is actually in the Public Domain (which is HUGE), but it's ANOTHER thing to understand WHERE to find that book! And that's where my years of research paid off BIG TIME!

You see, over the past 14 years, I've compiled a list of EVERY major website that offered Public Domain content. MANY have come and gone over the years, but that list has been invaluable to me and my students! I pulled together EVERY resource I had, verified EVERY website link and compiled the BEST websites for Text-Based Resources and Image-Based Resources into a killer PDF worth its weight in GOLD! I also brought together all the BEST data I had for finding periodicals (magazines, newspapers, comics, etc.) to create the ULTIMATE Public Domain Resource Database!
Introducing... The “Public Domain Resource Database!”
This Resource Database is the BEST of its kind and represents 14 years of in-depth research, trial-and-error and a lot of sleepless nights! It's an insane resource that will give you the ultimate edge over your competitors! 

Here is what's included in the “Public Domain Resource Database”:
   > “How to Use These Databases” Video Training
   > Public Domain Resource Database PDF 
   > 65 Popular Books from 1924 PDF
   > Searchable Catalog of Copyright Entries for 1924 PDF
   > Renewed Periodicals List PDF
   > Categorized Magazines List PDF
   > Excel Database: US Books 1924 - 1964 NOT Copyright Renewed
   > Excel Database: US Books 1924 - 1964 with Renewed Copyrights
   > Excel Database: US Books 1924 - 1964 Non-Renewed with Web Links
This Will NOT Cost What You’d Think...
I have customers who would pay me $1,000+ dollars JUST to keep this information quiet so that they alone could use kidding...THAT is how valuable this Resource Database is. Honestly, this information is easily worth that and more! But that's NOT what I want to do. I feel the valuable information included in the Public Domain Resource Database should be available at price that ANYONE could afford. So TODAY, instead of paying $297 or even $197 to access everything, you can gain FULL access for an EASY one-time payment of just $197 $47! I will tell you though, this price will ONLY be offered for just a few days before it increases. NOW is the time to claim YOUR copy of the Public Domain Resource Database!
Just $197 $97 $47!
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Please Note: Due to the downloadable nature of this resource database, no refunds will be offered...but then again, this is an epic product so you won't want to give it up anyway.
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